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Organic pigment for paint

Organic pigment for paint

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Metal, concrete, steel structure and other materials are often exposed to the atmosphere, due to the atmospheric moisture, salt spray, gas and some acid and alkali, microbial erosion and gradually destroyed. If painted on the surface of the object, it can not only insulate the external corrosion medium, but also play the role of anticorrosion and prolong the service life.

    At the same time, the paint is bright, beautiful, it can change the color of the original substrate, so that it presents a variety of colors. Some iconic buildings in China also have iconic colors, such as: the upper end of the chimney of a power plant is generally white and red, using navigation paint; parking lots are iconic green, epoxy floor paint, etc. The decorative effect of paint can not only give people visual beauty, but also iconic representative.

    Although some varieties of organic pigments are not as good as inorganic pigment at light, heat, solvent and migration resistance ,But the shade of organic pigment is more bright, the strength is stronger. Organic pigments are widely used in ink, paint, synthetic fiber,plastic,rubbe as well as leather coloring.

  The pigment red 21,pigment red 170,pigment red 254,pigment yellow 74,pigment blue 15,pigment green 7 can be widely used in paint.


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