• product name: Yellow-P.Y.154( Benzimidazolone Yellow H3G),YHY154
  • Product number: YHY15401
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Part 1:Products Details:
Products name:Benzimidazolone Yellow H3G
C.I. Generic name: Pigment yellow 154
CAS RN:68134-22-5
C.I. Structure No.: 11871
Structure Type: Benzimidazolone 
Part 2:  physics and chemical properties
Color shade: Greenish
Fluidity(mm): 34
Oil absorption: 40±5
Average Particle size: 
Contact angle: 
Part 3: Fastness
Light : 8
Heat : 200
Oil : 5
Acid: 5
Alkali: 5
Part 4: Application features: Greenish,high color strength, excellent light and weather fastness
Part 5:application field: plastic(EVA PVC LDPE HDPE PP),coating(Alkydre-sin coating,Inner coating)

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