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Notice! Shandong Yuhong New pigment Co., Ltd. has changed its name!

Notice! Shandong Yuhong New pigment Co., Ltd. has changed its name!

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On June 28,2019, Shandong Yuhong New Pigment Co., Ltd. completed the registration of industrial and commercial change and approved by the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the company was formally renamed as the "Yuhong Pigment Co., Ltd". This marked the development of Yuhong pigment entered a new era.

At the same time, the registered funds were changed from 53.452 million yuan to 60.026585 million yuan. In addition, all internal and external documents, materials, invoices, account numbers, tax numbers and so on all use the new company name.

Thanks to people from all walks of life for your long-term concern and support for Yuhong pigment, Yuhong pigment will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of "unity and cooperation, beyond oneself", adhere to the business philosophy of "customer-centered, continuous improvement, continuous innovation", innovate business model, enhance competitiveness, and make outstanding contributions to the sustained and healthy development of social economy.