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Yuhong pigment won the first prize of Dezhou Science and Technology Progress Award

Yuhong pigment won the first prize of Dezhou Science and Technology Progress Award

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OnJune28,DezhouCityheldagrandmeetingoftheScienceandTechnologyInnovationto honor theadvancedunitsandindividualswhomadeoutstandingcontributionsintheworkofscientificand technologicalinnovation.Atthemeeti

On June 28, Dezhou City held a grand meeting of the Science and Technology Innovation to honor the advanced units and individuals who made outstanding contributions in the work of scientific and technological innovation.At the meeting, "The New Development and Application of Yellow Organic Pigment Modification and Pigmentation" of Yuhong Pigment Co., Ltd. was awarded the first prize of Dezhou Science and Technology Progress Award.


Through the development of new technology of yellow organic pigment modification and pigmentation, the project realizes the purpose of improving performance, simplifying process, reducing pollution and saving water. It is a kind of clean production technology with green, environmental protection and energy saving. Yuhong pigment has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and personnel training in the past 20 years. It has not only set up a high-quality and high-level R & D team, but also maintained a good cooperative relationship with Tianjin University, Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology and other institutions of higher learning. Yuhong Company has become the joint training base of graduate students in Tianjin University. Excellent talent team condensed  a strong force of Yuhong pigment in the product innovation. Nine patents, nearly 100 proprietary technologies, more than a dozen provincial and ministerial science and technology awards,  behind the patent is not only the witness of strong enterprises in science and technology, but also the deep footprint of Yuhong pigment.

In the future, Yuhong pigment will continue to hold the banner of scientific and technological innovation, give full play to the role of platform support and talent support, continuously enhance the ability of independent scientific and technological innovation, constantly seize the technological commanding heights of the organic pigment industry, and give full play to the leading role of "100 years of outstanding enterprises in Chinaundefineds dye industry."

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